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Bett 2022

Our Guide to Bett for Schools using Google for Education

Bett is one of the largest EdTech events in the world and here is our guide to some of the highlights for schools using Google Workspace for Education.

North Hall

North Hall contains Teaching and Learning Tech, Bett Futures and the Global Showcase. If you enter the North Hall through Door N1 and turn left, Canopy is straight in front, in the bottom left-hand corner of the show on Stand NA14.

BETT - North Hall
Bett - North Hall

Come and see us in person and check out Workspace Skills, our interactive tutorials that help students and staff learn by doing, interacting with the Google Workspace for Education tools. You can also pick up a copy of our new Canopy Education Magazine.

At Canopy, we 💚 badges, so if you’re a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, Coach or Innovator you can also pick up a pin badge (while stocks last).

Google Certified Badges

You can also join us on the Canopy stand to find out how teacher and students (over 16 years old) are organising their workflow with

NF60 - Texthelp

At Texthelp, they believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood. They create technology that helps build confidence in school with reading, writing and maths. The tools help set all students up for the best possible start in life. Join Texthelp at Bett 2022 at stand NF60 for a coffee and a catch-up. They’ll be hosting interactive demos of their digital tools. As well as welcoming some familiar faces to the Texthelp Talks live area. You’ll be able to learn more about how they have helped millions of people achieve more than they thought, and how they are ready to help millions more.

NG21 - Canva

Canva is a great online design tool that's free for educators to use. It also has some great integrations with Google Classroom allowing you to send designs to your class from inside Canva.

NG43 - Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle allows teachers to embed notes and ask multiple-choice or open-ended questions to promote interactive learning through video-lessons, integrated with Google Classroom.

NG63 - Wonde

Wonde Google Sync automatically creates, updating and deleting Google accounts by linking to your school's MIS. It can also set up Google Classroom with the classes and groups from your school's MIS. Wonde Single Sign-On allows students to use their magic passes and emoji passwords to log in to their Google accounts.

NB31 - Soundtrap

Soundtrap for Education is an online audio recording studio that works great on Chromebooks. It integrates with Google Classroom so that you can create and evaluate audio assignments.

We love the Bett Futures area, which features EdTech Startups, which can often be a great place to find new tools for use in the classroom.

South Hall

South Hall contains Equipment, Hardware and Management Solutions, along with the main Bett Arena.

South Hall
Bett - South Hall

SB30 - Wacom

Visit Katie and Dan from the Canopy team to see how the One by Wacom can be used in a live lesson on the Wacom Stand. If you are visiting Bett on Thursday, then join us and Francesca Bury from Witton Park Academy at 11:30 am for Classroom Learning with Wacom Pen Tablets at the Tech in Action Theatre.


South Hall contains all the major manufacturers of Chromebooks, including ASUS, ACER, HP, Lenovo and Samsung, so it's a great place to find out about the latest models. Join Cat from the Canopy team on the Lenovo stand to see Google Workspace for Education in action in their teaching theatre. You'll find Graham on the ASUS stand and Mia over on the Samsung stand.

See Class in the Box in action and discover how you can easily deliver online and hybrid learning. Plug and play, this provides a wireless noise-cancelling microphone and an additional camera for your device, all controlled through the Chrome Extension (or using your voice).

SK41 - Arbor

One of the most popular MIS systems for schools using Google Workspace for Education, you can join Arbor at BETT on their stand in the south hall. They are also hosting a number of sessions in their leaders' lounge, just outside Bett.

SP33 - Formative

Formative eliminates the gap between instruction and assessment by giving teachers the tools they love and district leaders the data they need - all in one platform! Formative integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom to support roster sync and grade passback while also supporting the ability to import content from Google Drive.

Link Google Workspace to Education to your school MIS, add timetables to Google Calendar, classes to Google Classroom and user photographs.


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