G Suite Skills

​Students and teachers learn how to use G Suite using our interactive tutorials, developed in partnership with Howdou.

We believe hands-on learning is better - so why not try out a Howdou here

Students and teachers learn by doing, interacting with the G Suite tools to complete tasks. As they progress Howdou’s advanced technology adjusts to the style of the learner. Teachers can assign these via Google Classroom and results are recorded in the Classroom Gradebook.  


As each skill is completed successfully, digital badges are earned with increasing levels of difficulty - bronze for beginner, silver for intermediate and gold for advanced! 

Our set of 32 Howdou interactive tutorials (bronze, silver, and gold level for each G Suite tool) are available from September for use across your domain. You can use these an unlimited number of times and issue an unlimited number of badges to teachers and students.


You can view the full specification here.  

Do you still have questions regarding G Suite Skills and/or the purchasing of the package?

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