Technology Training for Teachers

Looking to train teachers to use technology to support teaching and learning? 


At Canopy, a Google for Education Partner, we can provide a variety of technology training for teachers in-person and online.

Demonstrate your proficiency and get recognised for your expertise using the Google Tools with Google for Education Certifications.

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We will work with your organisation to develop bespoke, custom training, based on the tools you have access to.

On a Video Call

Need specific questions answering or support? Book a 1:1 online session with our team of trainers. 


Planning your professional development? Check out our training packages, which can be contoured to your Coaching & Training needs, not to mention include Workspace Skills!

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That was hands down the most appropriate, worthwhile and interesting IT training I have ever received. Spot-on for the level I am working at and, as a result, the 2 hours flew by. If only all meetings went this quickly.

-  Layni, PE teacher, SAET