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Looking to train teachers to use technology to support teaching and learning?

At Canopy we believe that, when used appropriately, technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning. Develop the skills your educators need to thrive with expert-led training from Canopy.

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Transform Teaching & Learning with Expert-Led Training

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Building Customised Training Solutions with Canopy

At Canopy, we partner with your organisation to build custom training solutions, tailored to your unique needs and existing toolset. We work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and goals, and then craft a training program that leverages the tools you already use.

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Master Google for Education: Training for Educators, Trainers & Coaches

Empower yourself to become a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, or Coach with Canopy's comprehensive training programmes. Our expert-led training goes beyond basic product knowledge, equipping you with the pedagogical skills and practical strategies to effectively integrate Google tools into your classroom and transform student learning.

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Inspiring Teachers and Engaging Students with Canva for Education

Transform your classroom with Canva for Education, the dynamic design platform empowering teachers and students to create impactful and engaging learning experiences. Check out our upcoming webinars or bring Canva directly to your school with our in-person training sessions!

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Unlock Your Expertise: Become a ChromeOS Professional Administrator

Ready to unlock the full potential of Google Admin console and master ChromeOS management? By becoming a certified ChromeOS Professional Administrator, you'll demonstrate your proficiency, enhance your career prospects, and ensure optimal ChromeOS management for your organization

Why choose Canopy Education for your school's training?

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Expert-Led Training

Learn from Google Certified Trainers with extensive experience and industry knowledge.

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Tailored Solutions

We customise training sessions and programmes to meet your school's unique needs and goals.

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Flexible Learning Options

Choose from in-person, online, or blended learning formats for maximum convenience.

"That was hands down the most appropriate, worthwhile and interesting IT training I have ever received. Spot-on for the level I am working at and, as a result, the 2 hours flew by. If only all meetings went this quickly."

- Layni, PE teacher, SAET

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