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Workspace Skills

Train all of your students and teachers to use Google for Education with our interactive tutorials. Since its launch, we have awarded more than 500,000 Workspace Skills digital badges.

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Show & Tell Series

This series of webinars featured UK & Ireland Google for Education Reference Schools. We heard from school leaders, teachers, and support staff about their use of Google Workspace for Education tools.

Google Certified
Coach Program

As a Google for Education recommended Coaching Partner, Canopy supports educators to become Google Certified Coaches through an engaging and sustained program of study and growth.

Hybrid Learning Webinar Series

This series was developed for Google for Education in the UK to give teachers hands-on strategies to support remote learners, whilst they continue to teach in-person

Canopy Live

The Canopy team delivered a day of Google Workspace for Education training in Birmingham.


Google Certified Innovator Program

Canopy delivers the Google Certified Innovator program. The program supports top educators across the globe who are excited to grow professionally, advocate for impactful technology and innovate to improve classrooms, schools, and local communities.

Google Classroom Video Series

Canopy worked with Google Certified Trainers and Innovators across the globe to produce the Google Classroom Video Series, a series of over 100 videos to support the use of Google Classroom in multiple languages. 

Google Certified Educators Level 1 & 2 Bootcamps

Demonstrate your skills by becoming a Google Certified Educator. We run 2-hour fast-track training sessions and all-day bootcamps depending on your experience.

Canopy Magazine

Check out our magazine for teachers using Google Workspace for Education.

Teach from Anywhere

A one-day, multi-session event to support teachers in Lebanon. 

Check out Canopy's first year

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