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ChromeOS Professional Administrator

Want to demonstrate your skills as a ChromeOS IT admin and earn a badge that proves proficiency in managing the Google Admin console to current or prospective employers? 

Consider becoming a ChromeOS Professional Administrator with the support of Canopy Education! To become a Google Certified ChromeOS Administrator you need to take a 180-minute certification exam, delivered online.

Person sitting in front of a Chromebook

Why Become a ChromeOS Professional Administrator?

Who should take the Professional ChromeOS Administrator exam?

This Google accreditation is suitable for IT managers and network coordinators in schools and businesses. A Professional ChromeOS Administrator is a systems administrator or IT engineer who should have 12+ months of experience with the Google Admin console. The Professional ChromeOS Administrator should be able to configure, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, secure, and manage infrastructure and services related to the Google Admin Console.

What abilities does the Professional ChromeOS Administrator exam assess you on?

  • Performing actions from the Google Admin console

  • Configuring ChromeOS policies​

  • Configuring, managing, and maintaining Identity Management processes

  • Understanding ChromeOS tenets

Enhance your Expertise with Flexible Training Options

Prepare for the exam by attending Canopy's expert-led training, delivered by trainers with extensive real-world experience managing Chrome devices, ensuring you gain the knowledge and practical skills to excel as a ChromeOS Professional Administrator.

One-Day Bootcamp
Canopy offers a full-day in-person training option for IT staff who are newer to using the Admin console. 

Fast-Track Session
Canopy offers a 2-hour fast-track training webinar, held each month, to prepare for the exam for experienced users of the Admin console. Time will be built in for Q&A. 

About the exam

  • Length: 3 Hours

  • Registration fee: Free for a limited time (Google will cover the $125 registration fee) 

  • Language: English, Japanese

  • Exam format: Multiple choice and a hands-on lab

  • Test takers must pass both multiple choice and the hands-on lab to earn the certification

Person sitting in front of a Chromebook

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