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Amplify Your Education Technology Vision with Canopy's Expert Consultancy

Canopy Education is your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of education technology (EdTech). We offer a comprehensive suite of consultancy services designed to transform your school or organisation's technology infrastructure, enhance teaching and learning practices, and empower your entire community.


Canopy Education has a team of highly skilled trainers and industry experts, therefore, we can consult on a range of areas that support education and businesses. 

Illustration of a student sitting down and a teacher standing near, both with decives

Education Consultancy

If you are a headteacher, senior leader or governor looking to understand how your IT decisions will impact your school, we can offer you a range of consultation services. 

How can Canopy help?

Our support will develop your confidence in the effective use of educational software; cybersecurity best practices; and integrating technology into the curriculum. With our guidance and technical expertise, senior leaders are brought up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and can make informed decisions regarding IT infrastructure and investments for their schools.

Data Analytics

As a Google Partner and Arbor Accredited Partner, Canopy can support you to make the most of your data across your school network. Using Google Looker Studio, Canopy can help you to develop interactive dashboards connecting directly to your Arbor reports and Google BigQuery Data. This can support leaders and governors to visualise data and make evidence-based decisions.

Education Consultancy

Business Consultancy

We support EdTech businesses to engage with the educator community and can design bespoke training platforms to improve teacher success with products and software solutions. We provide media production services, platform development, client engagement and project management services alongside brand strategy and product placement advice.

How can Canopy help?

Our team are former educators and are able to create engaging campaigns to inspire teachers with EdTech businesses. We can design courses and platforms that support learning and teacher expertise in software and hardware solutions. We are able to connect evidence-based pedagogy with the latest educational technology, so teachers can clearly see the benefit for their students. 


Media Production

Canopy can produce video and audio productions to meet your needs including:

  • Concept development

  • Scriptwriting

  • Filming

  • Animation

  • Voice overs

  • Editing

  • Translations for a localised market


Canopy has produced video content to support online learning as well as case studies of using technology in education. Some of our clients include Google for Education and Wacom.

Business Consultancy

Examples of our consultancy work

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