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Switching from Awesome Table to Google Data Studio

With the news that Awesome Table wants to charge quite a lot for its services (I don’t mind paying for something great, but the pricing was way outside a school budget) I started looking for alternatives…

Google Data Studio seemed to fit the bill (and had the advantage of being a service inside Google). Here is a quick brief guide to getting started for Awesome Table Users looking to switch.

  1. Go to Google Data Studio.

  2. Press the Plus Button to start a new report (you may at this stage have to agree additional terms and conditions and have the option to sign up for alerts).

  3. The next step is to add a Data Source, which will probably be a Google Sheet, where you want to get your data from (and the one you previously pointed Awesome Table at).

Adding a Data Source

4. You then have the option to select which columns from the sheet you want to display, I left everything in at this stage as you can select for the table later.  Once you press Add to Report, it creates a blank page, onto which you can display your data. 

Adding a Data Source

5. On this page you need to design how you are going to display the data. You are probably going to want to add a table to create something that looks like your previous awesome table setup – however, there are far more options here and it's easier to play around with the design that writing HTML templates in AwesomeTable ever was – so you might want to think about some improvements in design at this stage.

6. Let's assume you are going for a basic table, click the table icon and draw the table location onto your report. Now in the right-hand menu, add the data you want it to display.

Table & menu

7. If in Awesome Table you also used the filters (such as String Filter and Category Filter) you can add these too. Select, filter, draw on the location on the page you want the filter and select the data you want to filter. This video explains filters well:

It takes a bit of setup, but you should be able to recreate your Awesome Tables (and possibly improve on them) in Google Data Studio.


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