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Workspace Skills: Admin Dashboard & Stats Access

One admin in each organization will have access to the Howdou Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard is available for all Workspace Skills subscriptions and provides access to view subscription information as well as the ability to modify distributing teachers and student domains.

Workspace Skills Gold Package

We are very excited to announce that all Gold and Custom package purchases now include access to the stats section of the admin dashboard! This means that your organization’s admin will be able to track badge completion data broken down by classroom and assigning teachers. You will also be able to see the total number of badges earned at your organization.

No matter what package you have, the September update to the Howdou Chrome Extension, allows all assigning teachers to have access to badge stats for their assignments directly in Classroom.

If you are interested in adding Admin Dashboard Stats access paid feature to your current package, please reach out to

Howdou Dashboard: Access with all Workspace Skills Packages
Howdou Dashboard: Access with all Workspace Skills Packages

Howdou Dashboard Stats: Access with Workspace Skills Gold & Custom Packages


Workspace Skills FAQs

Diving into questions that are frequently asked about Workspace Skills

What age is Workspace Skills appropriate for?

Workspace Skills is appropriate for all ages! Students from primary schools through colleges are using and loving Workspace Skills, teachers too!

Do you need to use Google Classroom?

Can I buy licenses for individual students?

Who needs the Chrome Extension?

Can teachers use the tutorials?

Who can access the new stats area in the admin dashboard?

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