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Workspace Skills Updates

We’re excited to share that the Chrome extension updates for Workspace Skills have now rolled out, so you should now have access to student badge data in your Classwork tab. Note: you might have to remove and reinstall the Chrome extension.

Click on the ‘Authenticate to pull data’ button. Then you will see the data magically appear!

The extension will pick up whether or not the Howdou was completed, even if it hasn’t been ‘marked as done’ by the students. The percentage (and fraction beneath) represents the total badges earned in ratio to how many have been assigned the task.

Once you click on that rectangle, you’ll be led to the overall data for that assignment.

You can display this data in various ways by clicking the grey arrows next to the field titles.

If a user has tried to complete the tutorial more than once, you can click on their row and it will expand.

Clicking the ‘All Howdou Assignments’ link at the top will take you to the overall class view.

You can reorder (click on the grey arrows next to the assignment title), search and download this data.

Finally, for those users that would like to update their digital passports, the new badges have a colour-coding structure (aligned with Google’s own update schema).

Currently, all tutorials except for Slides Gold and Meet are updated and will give the badges with blue lines (like the image below).

Enjoy playing with the new features!

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