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Barton Peveril - Student Digital Skills Training

Canopy and Barton Peveril are working together to help improve students' digital skills, focused on the use of Workspace for Education.

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Barton Peveril is a thriving sixth form college in central Hampshire. More than 4,000 full-time students choose to fulfill their academic potential at Barton Peveril, flourishing in a supportive environment that also develops the broader range of skills required for successful progression to university.

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Barton Peveril delivers teaching and learning using Workspace for Education. Students join the college and need to quickly become familiar with a range of Google tools; including Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides and Google Classroom. The challenges of Covid-19, emphasized the importance of students having strong digital literacy skills to access and engage with online learning.

In order to enhance students’ digital literacy skills, Barton Peveril’s IT Manager, Peter Horner introduced Workspace Skills. These interactive tutorials enable students to learn by doing, providing support as they earn microbadges (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for each Workspace tool. Barton Peveril henceforth was able to deliver cost-effective training at-scale for all their students and staff.

Workspace Skills badges

Barton Peveril has incorporated Workspace Skills into the college’s induction programme, using Howdou’s integrated scheduler to release the tutorials. They’ve also made the tutorials available for second-year students and staff to complete them at their own pace via Google Classroom.

In just the first few months of using Workspace Skills, users have earned thousands of badges for their digital passports. Students have learnt by doing and can now transfer these digital skills to real-world applications.

Peter shared, “I've had lots of good feedback about this from students, teachers and support staff. So far, more than 6,700 badges have been awarded!”


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