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Smart Canvas in Google Docs

Smart Canvas adds interactive features to Google Docs, making documents more collaborative and connected.

Two new features start rolling out to users on 15th February 2022 and may take longer than 15 days for all users to see them.

Document Summary in Google Docs

Add a side summary to your document, to provide a brief overview of the main points of a document. Everyone can manually add a summary, but for Education Plus Users, you’ll see AI-generated summary suggestions.

Document Summaries could be useful for students working with longer documents, as the summary will help them to find specific sections in the text.

Document Summaries

Pageless Documents in Google Docs

With more students using phones and tablets, and much less document printing, designing documents for standard paper sizes often places limitations on the design of a document we no longer need. This removes the boundaries of a page to create a surface that expands to whatever device or screen you’re using, making it easier to work with wide tables, large images, or detailed feedback in comments.

Pageless Documents

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