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Originality Reports for Google Slides

Originality Reports is a plagiarism checker, that lets you check your work (or a students work) against the internet. This is now available to check Google Slides (previously it only worked with Google Docs).

How can this be used in School?

Teachers - Need to turn on Originality Reports for each assignment in Google Classroom. This allows them to check the originality of the work submitted.

Students - Can use this to check their work before submitting it.

How to use:

When creating an assignment in Google Classroom - tick "Check Plagiarism" on the right hand side.

When students hand in their work, Classroom automatically runs an originality report for each submitted Docs or Slides file, visible only to you on the View Assignment Page.

Available to:

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals - can turn on originality reports for 5 assignments per class.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus - can run unlimited reports and can also check work against other students in the school (details here).

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