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Google Chat Spaces - Space Descriptions, Guidelines and Manager Role

Google Chat Spaces has some updates coming - which make it easier to organise and control chat spaces.

  • Manager Role - who controls the space and can add descriptions and space guidelines. This can also be assigned to other members.

  • Space Descriptions - a short text field to describe the space, usually if searching for spaces across an organisation.

  • Space Guidelines - For adding rules and expectations, to help create a safer experience.

Google Chat Space

How can this be used in School?

Typically in a school, Chat is often used by Staff, but not students. These new controls start to open up the possibility of student chat spaces, with teachers (or even student peer moderators) taking on the manager roles.

Available to:

Everyone (all account types) - Gradual rollout of up to 15 days from March 8, 2022.

Note - some organisations have chat turned off.

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