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Transformation Reports

The reporting window is open from Nov 2, 2022 through Dec 31, 2022 (The report will be locked for editing after Dec 31, 2022.).

What are the Google for Education Transformation Reports?

Built for Google Workspace for Education Administrators, the transformation report is a free tool designed to help quantify an organisation's Google for Education implementation across Google products (Google Workspace & Chromebooks) and programs (Certification & Transformation). Tailored recommendations and trends over time help leadership teams know where to focus to drive further impact.

How to set up Transformation Reports

  1. Head to

  2. Press Get Started on the right-hand menu.

  3. Sign In with a Super Admin Account and accept the permissions.

  4. Double-check your settings. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of this screen and make sure the settings are correct for the schools in your domain. Add the correct number of students and teachers and turn off any apps you are not using.

Transformation Reports settings

5. Complete the Survey and share it with other members of your leadership team.

New for this round

  • Immediate access. You no longer need to wait for a report and can generate a report at any time between now and 10th December.

  • Realtime updates. You can customise the settings in your report and watch your report update in real time.. You can adjust the product data windows and the number of teachers/students you expect to be using Google products to get their report exactly the way it will be most useful to you.

How can Canopy help?

As a Google for Education Partner we work with schools to develop their use of technology to support teaching and learning. We can use the transformation report to identify strategies to further develop your use of technology. For more information check out our Training page or contact us at

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