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Subject Labels for Work in Google Drive

Students (and sometimes teachers) often struggle to organise their work in Google Drive, even if you have them create folders for their work, getting them to use the folders can be a challenge.

With some newly announced updates to Google Drive, Labels in Google Drive might now provide an alternative solution to this challenge. Note - Drive Labels are only available to Education Standard and Education Plus domains.

You can add labels to files in Google Drive. Just like labels in Gmail, files can have colour-coded labels (right now only four colours though) and, like Gmail, files can have multiple labels.

Google Drive - labels

Creating Subject Labels

To create labels - head to Here you can create a Label Name (such as Subject) and list all the options for each (Maths, Geography, History etc..)

You can also decide what Drive should do when a file is copied (copying the label seems the most logical solution here).

Creating labels

Note - To be able to create labels, your admin may need to turn on this option in the Admin Console (under Google Workspace Settings > Drive) and it needs to be an Education Standard or Education Plus domain.

Labels - admin console

Once your files have labels, you can search by Label in Google Drive to locate work from one subject area:

Labels - admin console

Enforcing Labels

Once you have your labels set up, you might want to consider enforcing them - which will force selected users to select a label for each document they create.

In the Admin Console, go to Security > Data Classification to enforce labels for a particular organisational unit.


- This feature was announced on 28th January and may not be active on all domains yet.

Labels - admin console

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