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Making Assessment Creative: Using Canva and Google Forms

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"OK class and today, to see how much you understood our topic, we are

going to complete an end-of-topic assessment."

A groan sounded out around the classroom, another Google Form test. The students slumped in their seats, resigned to the familiar routine. However, just as the Chromebooks flickered to life, Mrs. Storey grinned mischievously.

"But fear not, my dear students! Today, we're going to shake things up a bit," she declared with a twinkle in her eye. The students exchanged puzzled glances, curiosity replacing the usual dread.

Instead of the usual bland, purple Google Form quiz, Mrs. Storey projected a vibrant Canva-enhanced Google Form on the screen. The students' eyes widened as they were met with a visual feast of colours, images, and interactive elements. The once mundane test had transformed into an engaging journey of exploration.

Making Assessments Creative

As educators, we recognise the crucial role assessments play in the learning process, but we don't have to settle for the monotony of traditional methods. Canva offers easy-to-use, creative design features to enhance the visual appeal of education materials. Below are some ideas to take your GoogleForms to something extraordinary.

Use Canva to Create a Custom Header

Head over to Canva and sign in. You can then either search for a ‘Google Form Header’ in the search bar and see what template Canva already has or create a blank project. Select ‘Custom size’ and enter the dimensions 1600 pixels by 400 pixels. This will create a blank new design. 

From here you can be as creative as you want.

Image icon

Change the colour or add an image from the ‘Elements’ section as the background. HANDY HINT: Include the word ‘background’ in your search to get appropriate images.

Text icon

Add some creative text using the ‘Text’ section and the amazing range of fonts or...

Elements icon

Find images of letters in the ‘Elements’ section to piece together

HANDY HINT: Use the ‘Magic Recommends’ box to find other matching letters.

Upload icon

Upload your own images to the ‘Upload’ area on Canva to use in your designs. It could be a drawing or even your Bitmoji! HANDY HINT: You can then use the ‘Magic Studio’ features to edit your upload by removing the background or expanding it.

Customise icon

Download your design as a png or jpeg. This can then be uploaded to your Google Form using the Customise Theme button.

Forms header example

Use Canva to Add Eye Catching Graphics

Screenshot - Canva AI Image Creator

Certain questions on your Google Form might benefit from a visual component alongside text. While Forms inherently lets you upload images or search for them through Google, there are instances where more precise visuals are needed. Canva introduces a feature called ‘Magic Media,’ enabling you to generate images based on straightforward descriptions using artificial intelligence. Additionally, you have the flexibility to modify the image style within Canva.

These images can be downloaded and added to a Google Form alongside questions. 

Flip It! Add Your Google Form to Canva

Screenshot - Google Form Added to Canva

Finally, if you've already designed your Google Forms, there's an interesting capability you might not be aware of—integrating your Google Form into Canva.

Utilising the built-in feature 'Apps' and search for 'Embeds.' Upon opening, you can simply paste the URL of any Google Form, and it will seamlessly be embedded into your Canva project.

Note: This feature works with the Google Form long url, not the shortened one. 

This Canva creation can then be shared with students as a link or via Google Classroom and they can complete the embedded Form. 

Power of Canva

So, the next time you embark on the journey of assessments, remember the power of Canva. Let it be the catalyst for a new era of Super Google Forms, where creativity meets education in perfect harmony. The students, once resigned to the routine groans, will now anticipate Google Forms not with dread but with excitement, knowing that each one brings an opportunity for self-expression and exploration. 

In the ever-evolving world of education, Canva stands as a beacon, urging educators to unleash their creativity and redefine the way knowledge is imparted and received. Let the transformation begin.

Illustration of a happy student

As Mrs. Storey's students engaged with the Canva-enhanced Google Forms, the classroom was abuzz with excitement. The monotonous task of assessments was now a vibrant journey of discovery. There were smiles and lively discussions where there once were groans, as each click revealed something new and engaging. Mrs. Storey watched with satisfaction, knowing her blend of creativity and learning had turned a routine exercise into an exhilarating educational experience.


Transform your classroom with Canva for Education! Check out Canopy's upcoming webinars or bring Canva directly to your school with our in-person training sessions.

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