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Alternatives to Jamboard

Header with Google Slides, FigJam, Canva, Miro & Lucidspark

Looking for an alternative to Google Jamboard? Google Jamboard is winding down in 2024, so here are seven tools to consider:

Google Slides

For some activities, Google Slides may be a suitable alternative without the need to approve additional services outside Google Workspace.

  • Slides can be created to be any size (you can alter the page size in the page setup) or you can create multiple slides (one for each user).

  • Up to 100 people can collaborate on a single slide deck (more than the 25 that could collaborate on Jamboard)

  • You can create post-it-note style activities on Slides, asking students to suggest and arrange content.

  • Slides have recently added live pointers, allowing you to view users' cursors in real-time.


In terms of user experience, FigJam is one of the most similar products to Google Jamboard, but with a number of additional features that are great for use in lessons.

  • Sticky notes, stamps, videos, websites, and interactive widgets can be embedded in FigJam - creating a more interactive experience than was previously possible with Jamboard.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts, such as s (to create a sticky note) and x (to draw a connective) make it quick and easy to create content.

  • Recently announced integration with Google Meet makes this an easy tool to use during Meet calls.

  • FigJam may not be used by children under the age of 13 or another age as required by local law. In the United States and Japan, Figma may have an agreement with a student’s school that allows use by all students and educators at that school.

  • Free access for education users.

Useful Links:


Canva includes Collaborative Whiteboards, which can be shared with students via Google Classroom.

  • Canva whiteboards are infinite, so plenty of space for classes to collaborate.

  • There's a huge template library already available with lots of educational whiteboards.

  • Keyboard shortcuts make it quick to create content (s for sticky notes, l for line).

  • Embed videos and other content into the Whitboard, just by dropping in the link.

  • Canva can be used by students of any age, but you may need parental consent.

  • Canva for Education is free for Schools

Useful Links:


Miro boards are large limitless spaces, where users can collaborate together.

  • There are a large number of templates and community examples in the Miroverse.

  • Recently announced integration with Google Meet makes this an easy tool to use during Meet calls.

  • Miro’s policies state that it is not intended for, and may not be used by, anyone under the age of 16.

  • Free Education Plan

Useful Links:


Lucidspark is an online virtual whiteboard, one infinite canvas for students and teachers to collaborate on.

  • Boards can include sticky notes, freehand drawings, and color-coded cursors, shapes, and lines for each collaborator.

  • Breakout Boards allow you to split classes into smaller groups.

  • Call Others to Me is a simple way to get everyone to the same spot on your board.

  • Lucid’s policies state that Lucidspark is available to students of all ages with a Lucid for Education account.

  • Free Education Plan for Schools.

Useful Links:


Kami supports real-time collaboration and has a range of annotation tools and multimedia comment options.

  • Create Kami from PDF files (so you can export Jamboard as PDF and import it into Kami).

  • Have multiple students collaborate and select the features you want them to have access to.

  • Free and Paid Plans for Education

Useful Links:

Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas is a simple drawing tool, that's similar in style to Jamboard.

  • Offers a simple drawing experience with pen types and colour.

  • Saves to Google Drive and works well on Chromebooks and in the Chrome Browser, but isn't a collaborative environment.

Useful Links:

Chrome Canvas screenshot

Want to learn more about alternatives to Jamboard?

Join us for a free webinar looking at alternatives to Jamboard on Tuesday 17th October at 4pm.


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