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5 Amazing Add-ons for Google Slides

In Google Slides, you can add even more incredible features to your presentations by clicking the ‘Extensions’ tab on the menu then ‘Add-ons,’ and ‘Get Add-ons’ to visit the Google Workspace Marketplace and download some handy additional features. Here are five ‘add-ons’ that can help you teach in style.

1) Nearpod

Nearpod screenshot

Embed the magic of interactive polls, whiteboards, and games directly into Google Slides. You can use Nearpod’s bank of preexisting lessons or enhance your own presentations with gamification, quizzes, and interactive ways to share content. Add live-modelling, self-assessment, and formative assessment to really get to know how well your students understand your lesson topic.

2) Hyperlink Slides Choice Board

This add-on allows you to use Google Slides as an interactive menu for students. You design a Google Slide deck where the first slide acts as a choice board. Use the add-on to automatically generate a slide per choice.

Each slide is automatically linked back to the table of contents and each slide has a home return arrow to navigate students back to the table of contents.

3) Magic Rainbow Unicorns

Magic Rainbow Unicorns

Magic Rainbow Unicorns simply gives you the option to incorporate a rainbow colour gradient to your fonts to make them look attractive and fun. Remember you can print straight from Slides so you can make rainbow displays!

4) Flaticon

Flaticon screenshot

Downloading Flaticon gives you access to millions of free icons, stickers and images that you can use to make your Slides presentations look engaging and professional.

5) Mathtype

Mathtype screenshot

Calling all maths and science teachers! MathType allows you to use accurate and specific mathematical and chemical notations in Google Slides and Docs. Useful for creating worksheets, tests, and presentations, it also has a function to save your most used equations for quick reference. If you are on a touchscreen device or using a stylus, your hand-written equations will convert automatically to digital fonts and save them.

Don't stop there! Google Marketplace is full of additional add-ons to explore. Have fun and save time as you experience the endless possibilities of Google Slides with add-ons.

Fiona Law

This article was featured in the Winter 2022 issue of the Canopy Education Magazine. Read the full magazine here.


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