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Save Yourself 13 Hours a Week with AI Tools for Teachers


I think many would agree- lack of time is the biggest challenge facing teachers. The constant juggle of multiple responsibilities from grading assignments; communicating with parents and providing support, on top of actually delivering lessons can leave teachers feeling overwhelmed. Google recently suggested that AI tools for teachers could save teachers approximately 13 hours each week in professional and administrative tasks.

AI Tools for Teachers

Google Gemini

Screenshot - Google Gemini

Google Gemini, a large language model (LLM) from Google AI, has the ability to assist teachers in a variety of tasks, including generating lesson content, feedback, and model answers by inputting a text prompt. It can also help teachers differentiate instruction by generating personalised learning materials tailored to the needs of individual students - just paste in a resource and prompt Gemini to summarise it or adapt the vocabulary Gemini can help teachers communicate effectively by building drafts of letters, emails, newsletters, risk assessments, and any multimedia communications you want to draft quickly. Prompts can be edited and saved to hone in on your desired result, saving even more time!


Screenshot - Diffit

Diffit is an AI-powered platform designed for teachers that provides almost instantaneous age-appropriate resources. Teachers enter the teaching topic (or paste in a website or piece of text), and then opt to create a lesson reading (with citations which is handy); a bullet-point summary; a key vocabulary list; multiple choice questions; and open-ended questions for discussion. These can then be rapidly exported to a PDF, Google Doc, Slides, or Form. Try it out!


Screenshot - Questionwell

Questionwell will turn your lesson topic (or a chunk of text) into a list of questions. The teacher merely selects a language and grade level. The output can then be exported into a wide variety of formats such as Google Forms and Slides, Kahoot, Quizziz, Quizlet, Blooket, and more. Questionwell is impressive in its ability to create specific and interesting questions, and the for the teacher to then filter, select, add, edit, and remove from the generated questions so the output is exactly what they intend. is another fabulous question generator, allowing you to export questions to assign via Google Forms or to print them off for paper quizzes in class.

Adobe Firefly

Screenshot - Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly offers some creative and useful tools for teachers, such as impressive ‘text-to-image’ generation; creating your own fonts, and editing with easy-to-use background remover and brushing tools. Enter a simple text prompt to create high quality and customisable text effects, and colour palettes. This tool is free for schools, and is really fun to use in the classroom. When I have an image in my mind that I can’t find on Google Images, I turn to Adobe Firefly to create it for me!


Screenshot - Canva

With more than 135 million monthly users and in over 600,000 schools across the globe, Canva has released a classroom-focused suite of AI tools, designed to assist time-strapped educators with lesson planning, content editing, document reformatting, image and text editing, multilingual lesson support, and accessibility checking. Those in schools will be able to use Text to Image (an image generator), Magic Write (a copywriting assistant), and AI-infused Canva Docs, Presentations, Whiteboards, and Video generation to maximise creativity and unlock potential.

These sites are just a small sample of the many resources available to help teachers and school leaders save time and hack productivity. 

By incorporating these tools into practice, teachers can streamline their workload by producing drafts that can be checked for accuracy and bias, edited and exported.

Remember to consult the privacy policy of any AI tools you try out to ensure it aligns with your organisation’s policies, and not to input personal details of students. Find out how Canopy can train your teachers in these time-saving tools either in your school or through our regular monthly webinars at

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