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Diving into Classroom Analytics in Google Classroom

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The Google Classroom feature, Classroom Analytics, allows designated educators and leaders (with access to Google Workspace for Education plus editions) to monitor student performance and engagement within the classroom. Classroom analytics provides a holistic view, offering insights into assignment completion, grade trends, and the adoption of Classroom features. This bird's-eye perspective enables education leaders to easily identify areas, classes, and schools that may require additional support.

Google Classroom menu, includes Analytics

Educators have access to comprehensive snapshots of their classes. For instance, if an educator notices low assignment completion rates for a specific student, they can delve into the details of missing assignments, allowing for tailored support strategies.

Classroom Analytics is changing how educators and education leaders can access and utilise classroom data. This centralised hub delivers timely and actionable insights, empowering educators to make informed decisions to positively impact student success.

Getting Started with Classroom Analytics

Administrators, particularly Super Admins, automatically have access to Classroom analytics and can enable designated education leaders to access organisation-wide data or specific organisational units.

Educators automatically have access to class-level analytics for the classes they teach.

Google Analytics interface

There are several benefits to using Classroom analytics 

Enhanced Student Performance

Classroom Analytics empowers education leaders and educators to pinpoint students who may need additional support, facilitating informed decisions to effectively guide them toward success.

Increased Engagement

Educators leverage Classroom Analytics to identify students who may not be actively participating in the classroom. Armed with this insight, they can implement targeted strategies to boost student engagement.

More Effective Classroom Utilisation

Classroom Analytics allows educators to identify features that may not be optimally utilised. This information guides them in adapting their teaching methods to optimise the use of these features, leading to a more effective learning


Classroom Analytics stands as a powerful tool for education leaders and educators alike, enabling them to make informed decisions that significantly contribute to the improvement of student success.


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