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  • What is the Daily Search Challenge?
    Each day we set a new question - that can be answered using a range of internet searches. There are lots of ways to use the internet to find the answer to this challenge, including Google Search, Google Maps, Street View and Arts and Culture. To learn more about searching check out the Power Searching Courses.
  • Where can I find the answer to an Internet Search Challenge
    You can use Google to search for answers, often these will require multiple searches, we don't provide the answer via Chat.
  • What's the difference between the Primary and Secondary Challenge?
    The Primary Challenge is aimed at younger studnets. The Secondary Challenge is aimed at older students and adults.
  • Can I help create a challenge?
    Yes! We love to get new submissions for the challenges! Please send them to
  • When can I find the answer to previous challenges?
    The solutions for all previous challenges can be found on our Past Challenges Page.
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