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LEO Academy Trust: A Beacon of Digital Excellence

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Canopy and LEO Academy Trust have been collaborating for more than 5 years, providing training, support, and online tools.


The LEO Academy Trust, comprising 9 schools, across the London Borough of Sutton and Surrey, shines as a beacon of educational innovation and excellence. With over 4,500 students and 500 dedicated staff members, they've been lauded as a Department for Education Demonstrator School for their exemplary use of technology. This thriving community embodies the power of collaboration, exemplified by its longstanding partnership with Canopy, a leading provider of digital skills training and resources.

Building a Foundation for Digital Literacy

Canopy and LEO Academy Trust's journey began in 2019, fueled by a shared vision: equipping both teachers and students with the tools and skills to thrive in a digital world. This unwavering commitment manifested through:

  • Training: Supporting staff in becoming Google Certified Educators and Trainers, empowering them to guide and inspire their students.

  • Consultancy: Collaborating with the Executive Leadership Team to unlock the full potential of digital technology and hybrid learning.

  • Interactive Learning: Providing students and staff with access to Canopy's Workspace Skills – engaging tutorials that allow them to learn by doing and earn badges for mastering core Google tools.

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Igniting a Passion for Digital Exploration

LEO's dedication to digital excellence and literacy went beyond mere access. They implemented an innovative digital passport, a framework that seamlessly integrates Canopy's skills progression with the Trust's computing and digital skills curriculum. This personalised approach, fueled by the gamified motivation of badge earning, transformed the learning experience from passive to active, from rote memorization to explorative mastery.

Quantifiable Results, Impactful Stories

The success of this partnership is etched in numbers:

  • Nearly 15,000 digital badges were earned by LEO children, signifying their dedication and accomplishment.

  • 75% of staff are certified in digital skills, showcasing a commitment to professional development.

  • Achievements comparable to MATs 8-10 times LEO's size, a testament to their efficiency and effectiveness.

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These figures go beyond statistics; they tell stories of empowered children, confident teachers, and a community transformed by the power of technology. As a Canopy colleague observed, "LEO students self-direct a lot of their learning... They often strive for 'Double-100%' on badges, demonstrating a passion for continuous improvement."

A Model for the Future

The LEO Academy Trust and Canopy collaboration stands as a beacon for other educational institutions. Their approach, emphasising a strong foundation in digital skills, learner autonomy, and a growth mindset, offers a roadmap for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As we look to the future, LEO's innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to empowering their students with the tools they need to thrive in a technology-driven world serve as an inspiration for us all.

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