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How to search Google Cloud Search directly from the Address Bar (Omni-Box)

Save time when searching across Google Workspace by searching Google Cloud Search directly from the address bar (also known as the Omni-Box).

Cloud Search is available to Education Plus Users - find out more about Education Plus here.


  1. In the Chrome Browser - go to the top menu (three verticle dots) and then Settings.

  2. Then in the left-hand menu - go to Search Engine

  3. Then "Manage Search Engines and Site Search"

  4. Then scroll down to "Site Search" and press "Add"

  5. Now add Google Cloud Search:

Google Cloud Search screenshot

Search Engine - Google Cloud Search

Shortcut - cs (you can use anything you want here to activate the search).

That's it - you can now type your shortcut into the address bar and search instantly across Google Workspace!

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