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FeedbackSheet was designed for teachers to make it easier to leave feedback on documents. It takes user defined feedback from a Google Sheet, and adds selected comments to the document. It also records their use on the sheet (adding a link back to the document), so you can track task completion.

Google Classroom has been great for making the work setting process easier for teachers – but then you need to give feedback on this work and this is still a time consuming process. Much of this feedback is similar – this extension helps to make it easier for teachers to use a common bank of comments. At the same time the sheet allows teachers to group feedback and pick up on any common errors in the work. Using the sheet you can decide on further intervention for individual or groups of students.Once set up the process of leaving feedback on a Google Doc (especially those set in Google Classroom) is much quicker.

Key Features:

  • Individual teachers can decide their own feedback and have separate sheets for each class, project or assignment, changing the sheet in the document sidebar as needed.

  • Google sheets containing feedback can also be shared across staff in the same department, faculty or the whole school – when any teacher use it the feedback would be recorded.

  • The sheet contains details of what feedback was given and what each piece of work contained – including links back to the original document.

  • Feedback can be placed at the top, current location or just used to record to the sheet.

Instructions for Use

1. Add this Add On to Google Docs.

2. Run the add on by going to Add-Ons – then FeedbackSheet then Add Feedback.

3. Your Feedback Sheet will be linked to a sample sheet to help you get started. You can edit this to create your own comment bank.

4. In the document sidebar – check the student name is correct or add the name.

5. Select the comments you wish to add and press “Add Feedback”.

6. The comments will be added to the document and the sheet updated with a new line to track the comments used.

Change Settings

  1. Teacher Name – by default this is the current username – this appears at the bottom of the feedback box – you can change what is shows here.

  2. Feedback Box Title – The title that appears at the top of the feedback box.

  3. Date Format – I have added both styles for UK and US users.

  4. Location of feedback (Top, Cursor Location or no feedback) – if no feedback is selected the script still records the selected comments.

  5. Open FeedbackSheet automatically – when ticked the sidebar will load in without having to go to the menu to activate it. This is useful if you are moving through lots of documents to provide feedback. However this will override other sidebars and should be used with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How is the student name box calculated?

When work is set in Google Classroom, using the “Make a Copy for Each Student” – their name is added to the start of the document name. The Add-On looks at the title and extracts the first two words. If this is not the student name – you can simply type over these values.

Do students need access to FeedbackSheet?

No – once the feedback has been written on the document – then students can see it there – they would not need access to the Add-On.

Can students use FeedbackSheet for Peer Assessment?

Yes – you could decide on the criteria and share a Google Sheet with your class – they could peer assess the work and you would get a completed spreadsheet of the criteria/feedback they have identified. They would need to install the add-on for this.

I am concerned about data – what does this Add On do?

We do not collect information or track the users of FeedbackSheet. The Google Docs Add On does not pass any data back to us, it simply transfers data from the users Google Doc to the users Google Sheet and back again. As such all data entered lives in the users Google Drive.

Can the comments be sent back to Google Classroom?

Unfortunately the Google Apps Script on which this sidebar is based do not have access to the comments area in Google Classroom (no API’s for this have been released). However you could always copy and paste your comments into this area.

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