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Coming Soon from Canopy Education

"Find a problem, build a solution" is the underlying theme of the Google Certified Innovator Program and we apply this thinking to everything we do at Canopy Education. This year we are working on two new solutions to help schools and teachers to make the most of Google Workspace for Education.

Workspace Skills Certification

We know some teachers are not keen on the current Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam and would prefer a more practical experience. So we are working on a new Workspace Skills Certification, based on our existing Workspace Skills Platform with our partners at Howdou.

  • Staff can complete a number of Workspace Skills Tutorials (micro-credentials) to receive an overall certification. We will be adding new teacher tutorials as new features launch (including Practice Sets and later in the year, generative AI).

  • Bite-sized Learning (which can be completed in chunks) and doesn't have to be in one sitting.

  • Mix and Match - we won't require every user to do every tutorial - you can leave out Gmail, or add in Practice Sets - to fit the needs of your school or district, the edition of Google Workspace you have, and the tools you need for your role.

  • Our tutorials are based on competency to use the product, not interpretation of multiple choice questions.

We have already awarded over 500,000 badges to users on Workspace Skills - now we are building on this to offer a new certification for adults. We are currently working with external organisations to get this certificate validated to count towards Teacher Professional Development. We plan to launch this later this year and will be beta testing with existing Workspace Skills Customers. We are also keen to hear from other trainers and training partners who are keen to use this certification. Contact us for more information.

Canopy Market

A new tool comes along that you really want to use with your students - but procurement for SaaS (Software as a Service) in schools is often difficult.

  • You are not sure what the educational pricing is and want to know this before you make a decision.

  • The sign-up process wants a credit card and your school wants an invoice.

  • You need to check out data compliance - is it safe to use in school?

  • You want to manage your subscriptions in one place, with reminders about renewals.

We get it! Everyone at Canopy is a former teacher and we have all experienced this - so we decided to build a better solution - Canopy Market, to make it easier for schools to buy and manage online software.

We will be launching to our Education Plus customers shortly, followed by a general launch later this year. We are also keen to hear from other software providers, who would like to be included in our offer to schools. Contact us for more information.

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