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G Suite Skills

Train all of your students and teachers to use G Suite (Google for Education) with our interactive tutorials. As each skill is completed successfully, digital badges in bronze, silver, and gold are earned and stored in users’ digital passports.

Key Features of G Suite Skills

Integrated with Google Classroom, our tutorials can be issued as assignments and results are recorded in the Classroom Gradebook

Unlimited tutorials for users (teachers and students) on your domain, so you can easily train large numbers of people

Automatically awards Badges at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, which are recorded in the users' Digital Skills Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use G Suite Skills?

Schools (primary, secondary, colleges, trusts, etc.) can issue an unlimited number of tutorials to user accounts (teachers, students, staff) in the same domain.

What skills and tools are covered?

We have more than 30 badges (and counting!) for the students and teachers to earn. View the full list of skills here.

How much does G Suite Skills cost?

Schools can buy an annual license to use G Suite Skills across their domain. Further details are available on our pricing page.