Getting Started 

with Workspace Skills

Step 1

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Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension only needs to be installed on accounts that want to assign the tutorials in Google Classroom (likely to be teacher accounts). 

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Step 2

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Assign a Howdou

  • Navigate to Google Classroom.

  • Go to the Classwork Tab.

  • Select Create and then Howdou from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

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Select your Howdou

  • From the dropdown list you can select either an individual Howdou or a group of Howdou's. 

  • The sets grouped by tool allows you to schedule a series of tasks and set the frequency (for example weekly) using our scheduler. 

  • You can view the Howdou and complete it yourself by selecting the link in the assignment instructions.

Step 4

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Before you start a Howdou Tutorial you can select: 

  • Language

  • Mode:

    • Learn ​by Assessing (Default Mode) - allows you to make errors and the system will offer guidance 

    • Assessment - No guidance is offered 

    • Show Most Common - shows the most common way of completing this Howdou

    • Show Most Efficient - shows the most efficient way of completing this Howdou 

Step 5

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Once your learners have completed the Howdou, they will receive two scores: 

  1. Competence - Ability to solve the task. This section might be divided into two parts. Pre skills show ability without any need of support. Gain shows what was learnt during the task.  The awarding of the badges is based on this score. This is the score that is reported back to Google Classroom.

  2. Efficiency - How efficient the solution method was. There might be a quicker solution with different routes or usage of keyboard shortcuts.

Step 6



Once students have marked the assignment as done in Google Classroom, the teacher can import the 'Competence' scores into the Classroom gradebook.

Once scores are returned to students, you can download and analyse them.